Dios te Salve

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Have you been dealing with dry skin? 
Get ready to say "BYEEEE!"

Dios te salve directly translates to "God save you," because let me tell you...
this salve is IT!

An all-natural luxury skin salve: packed with pure extracts and butters that naturally boost collagen production (maintaining skin's elasticity), and aid in healing minor abrasions, cracked skin, and irritations.

This marriage between shea butter and mango butter serve as a foundation to build upon. These help soften and provide your skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Avocado, jojoba, and vitamin E oils then two-step into the mix to protect and nourish your skin a bit more... all while organic beeswax helps keep it all together, 'cause every family needs that glue.

Size: 4 fl ounces

ScentRose (Rosa Damascena) & Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Customer Reviews

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Tens all around

This salve really saves... Used it all winter and it made my skin so hydrated in the dry months, especially on my stretch marks which tend to get really dry and irritated in the winter. I love that it’s solid in the jar but easy to scoop out and melts on your skin upon contact. Makes hydration a whole ~process~ and I honestly love it. The Rose smell is incredible!!! Cop this!

my go-to!

this has been one of my favorite skincare purchases thus far! this salve is super hydrating + smells so amazing that you'll wish you had a travel size of it! i use it after every shower and it goes on like butter. angie, you outdid yourself with this! can't wait to re-up! <3

Literally Obsessed

First things first, I love good packaging and this is amazing packaging so simple yet so commanding on my nightstand. As soon as you open the jar you're basically transported to a mental spa by just the smell (i bought lavender.) The salve itself is so LUXURIOUS and the perfect texture! This has helped with my dry patches and makes it look like I haven't been using hand sanitizer by the gallon. I also use it when I have eczema flare-ups and more recently on my stretch marks, it's truly a universal product and will have you soft and summer-ready in no time!


Let me just say WOW. I usually do not buy into brands for any a doctor should take a look at, but truly was faced with dry patches over winter that I knew were my eczema flaring up. I have tried almost every lotion in the market as a beauty guru, and this one did it for me. my dry patches were hydrated smoothed and gone within two - three weeks. Its work every penny! And SMELLS amazing. I purchased the ROSE scent.

A multipurpose holy grail

I’m obsessed with this salve for a number of reasons. I used it on my belly throughout my pregnancy and 9 months (and a 10lb baby AND a c-section scar) later, no one would ever even know I was pregnant. 0 stretch marks and my scar healed beautifully. I’ve used this from time to time on burns when I’m (clumsily) cooking and it appears to speed up the healing. This stuff is legit God-sent 🙏🏼